Your safety is our main priority. Click HERE to see what Legacy is doing to make the Drive-In Cinema a safe environment for all.

This includes keeping cars parked with a 2-meter distance from each other and encouraging all attendees to stay close to their vehicle throughout the movie. We ask that you help keep each other safe by participating in these rules.

We suggest that you show up 30 minutes before the screening starts since this will ensure you get a better parking spot.

Click HERE for directions to our location.

Yes, please bring your digital ticket confirmation with you on your mobile device, and a staff member will scan your QR code on entry into the parking lot.

The movie audio is transmitted through FM Shortwave radio. This means you can listen through your car radio – or, if you’re concerned about your batteries, you can bring a battery powered radio with you.

We encourage you to conserve your battery. In the unlucky circumstance that your battery dies, a staff member will approach you once the parking lot is vacated and give you a jump.

The theatre operates rain or shine…Use your windshield wipers.

For the sake of everyone’s view of the screen, we ask that you not show up with oversized vehicles.

Should you come with a larger than normal truck that prevents those behind you from seeing the screen, you might be asked to move your vehicle further back.

To ensure that everyone has the ability to see the screen clearly, Legacy Drive-In does not accept specific parking space reservations.

If you would like to get a good parking spot, we suggest that you show up no more than 30 minutes before the showtime.

Yes! Thanks to updated regulations, you are welcome to bring lawn chairs and site outside of your vehicle.  However, we ask that you remain close to your vehicle, and continue to observe the Provincial Health Office's Covid-19 Guidelines.

Also, the audio for our movies is sent to your vehicle radio or a standard/analogue FM radio using a long-range FM Frequency Transmitter. Therefore, if you are planning to sit outside of your vehicle, we ask that you bring your own standard/analogue FM radio.

Sure. Just make sure that the lid of your trunk isn’t popped up and obstruct the view of the people behind you. In this case, we suggest tying it down.

Yes, but keep in mind that local food options will also be available for advanced ordering on the Legacy Drive-In in website, as well as on-site after you arrive.

Hot food and concession items will be provided by Westshore Burger Co.

When available, you can order food from Westshore Burger Co. on our website in advance of the show or after you have arrived at the site and parked your vehicle.

Click HERE for the most up-to-date movie schedule.

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